About the Workshops

Structure of each workshop:
— Each week during the course of the workshop, a set of video lectures will be available for the student to listen and watch on their own time. (Each video lecture will be about 8 to 10 minutes long, and there will be 3-5 of them each week, so at least 30 minutes of time is required each week.)
— Each week will include an assignment. The student must email the assignment to the instructor before the end of the week. (Assignments aren’t mandatory, but doing them will help the student get the most out of the workshop.)
— Each week, the instructor will send feedback to every student individually about their assignment.
— Each new set of videos will be released on the same day of the week as the first one for three weeks. So if the workshop starts on Wednesday, the new weekly video sessions will be released every Wednesday.

Print Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to create beautiful print book interiors?

This workshop teaches you the basics of font and layout, as well as what goes into the front of a book, the back of a book, and the body of a print book.

More importantly, this workshop teaches you how to look at a print book so that you can continue to learn and teach yourself new techniques as book styles change.

This workshop lasts three weeks. It is taught using InDesign, which is the industry standard for creating print interiors. It costs $200.

To sign up for a print workshop, click here.

Cover Workshop

Creating professional looking covers that will make a reader want to pick up your book is one of the most important skills that an indie-writer/publisher can learn.

Though every genre has its own specifics, there are some general principles of what makes a professional looking cover.

This workshop teaches you how to create covers for ebooks as well as print books. It teaches you how to look at a cover and see what makes a professional cover versus and amateur one. Even if you don’t plan on creating your own covers, you still need to be able to make informed decisions about covers other create for you.

This workshop lasts three weeks. It is taught using InDesign. It costs $200.

To sign up for a cover workshop, click here.